Esta perrita se quedó ciega, recibió 17 tiros, fue abandonada y estaba embarazada, ahora es perra de terapia

Esta perrita se quedó ciega, recibió 17 tiros, fue abandonada y estaba embarazada, ahora es perra de terapia
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Maggie fue encontrada malherida en las calles de una ciudad del Líbano y ahora, recuperada, empieza una nueva vida como perro de terapia en la ciudad británica de Brighton, según, recoge RT y comparte Paula Dumas para Periodista Digital.

Maggie es una perra que recibió 17 disparos y quedó ciega antes de ser abandonada en las calles de una localidad del Líbano. Pero el milagro se produjo y hoy inicia una nueva vida en Brighton (Reino Unido) como perro de terapia y ‘estrella’ de Instagram, según cuenta su dueña, Kasey Carlin.


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“Guess what….I am now a registered therapy dog!! Do you think I’ll be able to make people happy?” -Maggie #bemoremaggie #bemoredog • • • As many of you know.. Maggie has a heart that loves unconditionally!Her spirit is infectious! She has a has a big personality. And she has and aurora that is so calming. Her story catches the hearts of many and reminds us all of our inner strength. Since the first time I met Maggie I knew she would make a great therapy dog if she wanted to be. Thankfully we found a charity that not only uses the healing power of dogs but also teaches the importance of animal welfare. Yesterday me and Maggie went to meet with her assessor, @maherandhounddogtraining she flaunted her stuff and gave it her best go and she PASSED. Maggie is now a registered therapy dog with @underdog_international . She and I will speak to schools and work hands on with youngsters. I know what happened to Maggie was horrendous but if her story can educate and inspire others to do good then at least we can do our part to make this world a little brighter. • • • #therapydog #therapydogsrock #therapydogsofinstagram #therapydoglife #dogtherapy #gooddoggos #dogisgood #gooddoggie #gooddoggo #rescuedogs #rescuedogsarethebestdogs #rescuedogsofinsta #rescuedoglife #rescuedoglove #dogslove #lovedogs #doglover #blinddog #dogsofinstagram #dogsoflondon #rescuedogstory #disableddogsofinstagram #dogsaretherapy #dogsaremytherapy

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La perrita, que tiene 5 años, fue encontrada atada a una caja con heridas por todo el cuerpo, la oreja cortada y la mandíbula rota. Además, estaba embarazada.


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“This is my throw back Thursday! This time last year I started my journey to a new life with my mom and sister. My story isn’t over… in fact it’s only just begun. Will you help me rescue fur friends still out in Lebanon? All are disabled and are in need of someone willing to give them a chance. I know they look sad right now but with love they will all become amazing dogs.” -Maggie #bemoremaggie • • • This time last year Maggie started her rescue journey. She was found and rescued and was in such a sad state. She was given a second chance at life and she seized the opportunity. Look at how happy and full of love she is now. These five disabled dogs deserve that same chance. You can read thief story and donate using the link in the bio. Even if you only donate a £1.00 (you can skip 1 coffee or 2 bars of chocolate for a day and donate it to these furbabies) if you could donate please follow the link in our bio if not please repost this and share with your followers so some of them can help. #tbthursday • • • #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescue #rescuedogsrule #rescuepit #rescuedogsrule #rescuedogsofig #rescuedogsofinsta #adoptionjourney #adoptabledogsofinstagram #adoptame #adopts #adoptables #adoptdontshop❤️ #adoptdontshop🐾 #adoptadog #adoptionstory #wildatheartfoundation #lovealldogs

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Tras conocer la terrible historia de Maggie a través de las redes sociales, la amante de los canes Kasey Carlin decidió adoptarla para ofrecerle una vida mejor. Después de una campaña en línea de seis meses, la mujer logró organizar el transporte de Maggie desde el Líbano con la ayuda de la organización protectora de animales Wild At Heart Foundation, según Carlin explicó al periódico The Argus.

Actualmente, Maggie lleva una vida feliz: inspira a los amantes de los animales a través de su cuenta en Instagram, que ya cuenta con más de 100.000 seguidores, y además visita centros de atención, hospitales y universidades como parte de su trabajo como perro de terapia.


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“Who’s first for their free hug?!” -Maggie #bemoremaggie • • • Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans? Me and the girls are going on some long walks and cuddling on the sofa! Can’t wait to take them out tomorrow morning. It’s been so hot that I’m getting up early and heading to the beach while the tide is out! Cute puppies and sandy toes… what more could a furbaby mama ask for?? • • • #rescuedogsofinstagram #lifeofdogs #blinddog #blinddogs #blinddogsofinstagram #rescuedogsofig #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinsta #rescuedogsrule #bighug #netflixdogstory #netflixdogs #dogsofsocal #dogsofig #muttsofinsta #differentlyabled #wildatheartfoundation #dogsarefamily #freehugs #bestwoof #rescuedogsuk

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«Sé que lo que le pasó a Maggie fue horrible, pero si su historia puede educar e inspirar a otros a hacer el bien, al menos podemos hacer nuestra parte para hacer que este mundo sea un poco más brillante», subrayó Carlin a través de la cuenta de Instagram de su mascota.

La mujer explica que, a pesar de la experiencia sufrida, Maggie es un perro normal con un «espíritu contagioso». «Ella debe haber vivido una situación agónica con todo lo que ha pasado, pero nunca lastimó a nadie y es muy cariñosa», cuenta Carlin.


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“Monday has come once again and man has it been RUFF!”-Maggie • • • What a weekend. Poor me was sick all weekend which meant the girls were cooped up with me. We made sure to celebrate Mishka’s 2nd birthday though. Feeling absolutely exhausted after a full day back at work but so nice to be able to enjoy a peaceful walk with my fur kids after I was done. As the sun was getting lower I realised how different my life was this time last year. I didn’t have Maggie or Mishka in my life. What a massive change they have made for me. We have become a cute little family and have made some many friends along the way. #feelinggreatful • • • #blinddogsofinstagram #loveisblind #bemoremaggie #blindandbeautiful #beautyisinside #beautyisintheeyeofthebeholder #rescuedogsofinsta #rescuedogsarethebestdogs #rescuedogsrocknyc #woofers #woofing #woofsofinstagram #rescuedpup #rescuedpuppiesofinstagram #pupperdoggo #doggiesofinstagram #doggieselfie #cutedoggies #doggiesofthe_instaworld #doggirl #doggosbeingdoggos #dogsworld #petsoftheworld #petsoflebanon

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«Solo quiero que la gente vea que está viviendo la vida», agrega la dueña de Maggie.

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