Esta mujer de 63 años es considerada ”la abuela más bella del mundo”

Esta mujer de 63 años es considerada ”la abuela más bella del mundo”
Abuela guapa RS

Para muchos, esta bella mujer de 63 años, ha sido considerada durante muchos años  «la abuela más hermosa del mundo», en base a las fotos que comparte en Instagram

«La francesa Yazemeenah Rossi ha sido portada de revistas en todo el mundo. Pero no comenzó a trabajar como modelo siendo una adolescente, como la mayoría, sino cuando ya tenía más de 30 años, según sq.

Yazemeenah nos ha mostrado que no se necesita ser joven para trabajar como modelo. Y ella tiene una carrera ya de más de 30 años«


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45 years ago today that body was giving birth to my first child, my son Michel, then 2 years 1/2 later to my beautiful daughter Armel on my 20th BD . Today,like never it happened all these past years, I am amazed that 45 years already passed since I had this amazing transcendental experience of giving birth… I was 17 And 1/2, put on 28kg during my pregnancy, looked like a big whale, but was in a tremendous shape, active, diving in water every single day as I was living on a beach in Corsica then one night at midnight the first labor sign appeared… My mother brought me to the clinic and let me there alone … this was the best thing that could happen to me … to be me with myself and … my Higher Self … no one beside me to complain about the pain… so I applied what I read in magazines about breathing technic and yoga that I already practiced when pregnant without really knowing it … I will discover that it is called “Yoga “some 10 years later … My son born in 10 hours naturally without pain killer or péridurale… when the pain was coming by waves I was feeling like if I was a wave in the ocean and I followed the flow with the pain instead of resisting to it to avoid it. Instead of fearing the contractions I was like counting that each one of them was bringing me closer to the delivery and was quite impatient that the next one comes…being in this state of mind made me in fact being totally present in the moment letting my body doing his work without resistances, letting him produce its magic hormones which are here in fact to transcend the pain . At a moment I was like in my body and out in the same time and could see me in pain but not affected by it, it was fantastic ! Since very young I am fascinated by the ability of the body to repair itself while observing how the scratches healed…and when pregnant a common sens inside of me was “ billions of women gave birth since ever, so all will be good “ trusting the power of life and it works ! A whole life time of respecting and trusting my body in his ability to heal makes me how and who I am today at 62 1/2 🙏✨💙 iPhone self-portrait this morning on Broad Beach Malibu .

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